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    Providing World Class Quality

Welcome to
HI-Tech Gas Supplies Uganda LTD

Our Vision

To become a dependable provider of Industrial and Medical gases with best in quality in the Ugandan Gas industry.

Corporate Mission

We are committed to maintaining our long-standing core values. We, therefore, seek to be known..

Our Core Values

Integrity, Honesty, Efficiency, Transparency, Reliability, Team Work, Passion for positive results

24/7 Support

We believe the right team can make all the difference. For this reason, team members are carefully matched with projects based on the unique project needs and requirements

About Us

HI-TECH is known for partnering with its customers to meet the ever-increasing demands for all types of gases. We are new on Uganda’s Market but we are most versatile Gas Supplies and have the capacity to supply almost any gas in any quantity within Uganda.

We are in our first year in business but so far we have very many companies on board that we are dealing with i.e Kakira Sugar, Tembo steel, Steal and tube, modern distillers, sogea satom, hospitals and so many other manufacturing companies.

Manual Data

Valve Outlet

Different gases have different nature. Some are Inert, some are flammable, some are toxic and some are corrosive in nature. Based upon different nature of gases, various different types of valves have been allowed to be fitted as per Govt. Rules. For the safety reasons, the gas cylinders of particular group of gases having same nature, has to be fitted with same type of valve.

Gas Weight Chart

Different Gas has got different molecular weight and density. The information of respective weight and density of particular gas is of utmost importance when two or more gases have to be mixed together in different particular concentrations of PPM or Percentage

Safety Tips

Gas leaks in industrial facilities are not something to be taken lightly, as exposure to these gases can cause severe health issues and even death. As a manager, it’s critical to take employee safety into heavy consideration to avoid any serious repercussions resulting from negligence in gas leak safety procedures on your part.

Keep Detailed Records

When leaks do happen, it’s important to keep detailed data relating to the size and location of the leak. By understanding the scale of the problem, you’ll be better prepared to tackle any new issues that might spring up.

Improve Monitoring

If you’re concerned your plant or rig might be at risk of gas leakage, a fixed gas leakage detection system should be in place at strategic points throughout the facility. Portable gas leak detectors should also be used so you and your employees can detect leaks remotely and notify the facility to ensure quick and safe evacuation.

Our Services

We, therefore, aim at extending our services to other remaining East –African Countries, create local employment, training opportunities in Uganda and stimulate local entrepreneurship in the Ugandan gas industry.

Industrial Gases

We deliver gases of diverse purities and concentration to meet up the necessity of various commercial industries and enterprises.

Welding Products

We are a prominent Gas manifold and supplier of welding machines and all gases that is needed to weld metals and solder equipments

Ultra Pure Gases

We provide a range of several pure gases that include oxygen, Neon, Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Propane, Krypton, Nitrous Oxide

Cylinder Valves

At HI-Tech, We provide various types of gas cylinders valves. These valves are made on high precision machines using advanced technology

Gas Cylinders

We present the entire range/numerous sizes of cylinder in carbon alloy steel high pressure seamless cylinders, aluminum cylinders and carbon composite cylinders.

Cylinder Quad

We are a distinguished Gas Cylinder Quad supplier in Uganda. We also caters gas cylinder Racks or Cage used to store and transports the cylinders in bunch

Important Facts

Knowledge international standards of, technologically changes industrial systems we are dedicated to provides seds the best and economical solutions to valued customers there us are many variations of majority have suffered


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Types of Gases


Cylinder Sizes


All our products are certified with the required certification bodies which enables us ensures world class products that can be used in various segments of the business and organizations.

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